Discover Life ( presents ...

Bee Hunt!

Imagine ... a safari in your own neighborhood! Stalk wildlife, witness predators as they attack and eat their prey, peer in on courtship and mating displays, learn about mysterious complex and ancient associations between species.

Cost of safari: FREE!

Some of the most fascinating phenomena of nature are not to be found on the Discovery Channel - there is a much better channel for discovery in your own back yard... if you only know where to look. Join us!

To monitor pollinators on Earth Day, 2010,
Discover Life seeks partners at schools
and other sites across the country.

Kids love electronic gadgets. Let's use their electronic gadgets to get them out in the back yard, the schoolyard, the local park, learning about nature.

All you need to participate is a digital camera with good macro function: if you can take a macro image of the back of a dime, and read "E Pluribus Unum," your camera is ready!

Dare to join us on safari...