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Enter taxa or database(s) to map:

Separate with commas. Append underscore to genera to show individual species. Try:
Japanese honeysuckle,Tuxedo_

Set map center by:

UTM zone
easting meters
northing meters
use lat-lon coordinates

Set map resolution:

units are per pixel

Set map width in pixels:
   720 900 1200

Show species interactions:
   no +hosts +associates

Drop/add individual points:

"-UGCA123456" drops 1.
"MO01779359, UARK6042013" adds 2.
"--35.85000_104.30000" (note underscore) drops all points with lat=-35.85000 and long=104.30000.

Limit databases:

"-AMNH_BEES" (note minus) drops 1.
"KSEM, LLL" maps 2.

Overlay borders:
   country no only

Symbol size:
   3 5 7 9 1113

Vary symbol size (reducing by 4):
 yes no

Output format:
   html jpg

   color grayscale

Change symbol order to
Order "abT" uses to map the 1st kind, for the 2nd, and for any other.

Set symbol edge color:
 black white same

Show target:
 yes no

 fast gridall points

Map points using:
 both coordinates centroids
 or map inconsistent points

Set base map:


The mapper uses the NAD83 (WGS84) ellipsoid.Overlayed points may be inaccurate by a 100 meters or so if they are based on NAD27 and not converted.