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Anthidiellum strigatum (Panzer, 1805)
Trachusa strigata Panzer, 1805; Anthidium contractum Latreille, 1809; Anthidium quadristrigatum Germar, 1815; Anthidium frontale Lepeletier, 1841; Anthidium scapulare_homonym Schenck, 1851; Anthidium minusculum Nylander, 1852; Anthidium coronatum Dufour, 1853; Anthidium decoratum Chevrier, 1872; Anthidium strigatum var luteum Friese, 1897; Anthidium (Anthidiellum) strigatum (Panzer, 1805); Anthidium (Cerianthidium) strigatum (Panzer, 1805); Dianthidium (Anthidiellum) leucorhinum Cockerell, 1924; Anthidiellum pauperculum Cockerell, 1928; Anthidium strigatum var palaestinense Alfken, 1935; Anthidium strigatum ibericum Alfken, 1936; Anthidiellum (Anthidiellum) strigatum contractum (Latreille, 1809), valid subspecies; Anthidiellum (Anthidiellum) strigatum luteum (Friese, 1897), valid subspecies; Anthidiellum strigatum rhodium Tkalců, 2006

Life   Insecta   Hymenoptera   Apoidea   Megachilidae   Anthidiellum
Subgenus: Anthidiellum

Anthidiellum strigatum, female
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Anthidiellum strigatum, female

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FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Asteraceae  Echinops @ I_GID (1)
Fabaceae  Lotus corniculatus @ BBSL (1)

Medicago sativa @ BBSL (8)

Onobrychis sp @ BBSL (3)

Ononis spinosa @ BBSL (2)

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Following modified from Slovenian Museum of Natural History
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Male on Lotus corniculatus . Brje pri Komnu, Kras, July 2008.


Anthidiellum strigatum (Panzer, 1805)



West Palaearctic species, widely distributed in Slovenia.

Polylectic species, visiting mainly Fabaceae. Free standing nests, fixed to plant or rock substrates, are made of resin.

Univoltine. Flies from June to August.


Male on Leontodon . Log, Lukovica, August 2007.


Razširjenost vrste v Sloveniji.

Vrsta je zelo razširjena in zaenkrat ni ogrožena.


Andrej Gogala: Bee fauna of Slovenia

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