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Atriplex glabriuscula
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 4
Atriplex glabriuscula

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Atriplex wolfii
© Copyright Mel Harte 2010 · 3
Atriplex wolfii
Atriplex wolfii
© Copyright Mel Harte 2010 · 3
Atriplex wolfii

Atriplex wolfii
© Copyright Mel Harte 2010 · 3
Atriplex wolfii
Atriplex wolfii
© Copyright Mel Harte 2010 · 3
Atriplex wolfii

Atriplex patula, Halberd-leaved Orache
© Copyright Sheryl Pollock 2011 · 3
Atriplex patula, Halberd-leaved Orache
Atriplex prostrata
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 3
Atriplex prostrata

Atriplex prostrata
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 3
Atriplex prostrata
Atriplex prostrata
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 3
Atriplex prostrata

Atriplex prostrata
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 3
Atriplex prostrata
Atriplex prostrata
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 3
Atriplex prostrata

Atriplex prostrata
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 3
Atriplex prostrata
Atriplex prostrata
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 3
Atriplex prostrata

Atriplex prostrata
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 3
Atriplex prostrata
Atriplex prostrata
© Copyright Malcolm Storey 2011-2118 · 3
Atriplex prostrata

Associates · map
FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Anthocoridae  Orius tristicolor @ AMNH_IZC (2)
Aphelinidae  Aphelinus @ UCRC_ENT (1)
Aphididae  Aphis ( @ CSUC_TCN (1)

Macrosiphum ( @ AMNH_PBI (1)
Braconidae  Lysiphlebus ( @ AMNH_PBI (1)
Buprestidae  Chrysobothris atriplexae @ UCRC_ENT (2)
Coccidae  Ceroplastes irregularis @ CSCA_TCN (19)
Delphacidae  Pissonotus delicatus @ UDCC_TCN (1)
Diaspididae  Aonidomytilus concolor @ CSCA_TCN (4)
Dictyopharidae  Orgerius minor @ UDCC_TCN (8)
Membracidae  Leioscyta ferruginipennis @ UDCC_TCN (16)
Miridae  Atomoscelis onustus @ AMNH_IZC (1); AMNH_PBI (1)

Lygus elisus @ AMNH_IZC (36)

Megalopsallus parapunctipes @ UCR_ENT (5)

Megalopsallus rubricornis @ UCR_ENT (5)

Phytocoris consors @ AMNH_ENT (7); UCR_ENT (5)

Phytocoris geniculatus @ UCR_ENT (1); AMNH_PBI (1)

Polymerus diffusus @ AMNH_PBI (1)
Pseudococcidae  Anisococcus imperialis @ CSCA_TCN (1)
_  unknown unknown @ AMNH_PBI (1)

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Atriplex L.

Image of Atriplex

General Information
Symbol: ATRIP
Group: Dicot
Family: Chenopodiaceae
Growth Habit :  
Native Status : AK   I,N
GL   I,N
HI   I
L48   I,N
PR   I,N
VI   N
Data Source and Documentation
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green round image for nativity Native blue round image for introduced Introduced ocre round image for introduced and nativity Both white round image for no status Absent/Unreported
image for native, but no county data Native, No County Data image for introduced, but no county data Introduced, No County Data both introduced and native, but no county data Both, No County Data
Native Status:
lower 48 status L48    Alaska status AK    Hawaii status HI    Puerto Rico status PR    Virgin Islands status VI    Navassa Island NAV    Canada status CAN    Greenland status GL    Saint Pierre and Michelon status SPM    North America NA   


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©Mark W. Skinner. Chile, Atacama Desert. March 13, 1989. Usage Requirements .

©Mark W. Skinner. Chile, Atacama Desert. March 13, 1989. Usage Requirements .




Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS Classification Report.
Rank Scientific Name and Common Name
Kingdom Plantae – Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta – Vascular plants
Superdivision Spermatophyta – Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Subclass Caryophyllidae
Order Caryophyllales
Family Chenopodiaceae – Goosefoot family
Genus Atriplex L. – saltbush

Subordinate Taxa

The Plants Database includes the following 114 species of Atriplex . Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Plant is native (blue) Native Plant is introduced Introduced Plant is introduced Native and Introduced Related taxa legend Distribution of <i>
Atriplex acanthocarpa</i>
(Torr.) S. Watson
Atriplex acanthocarpa
tubercled saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex alaskensis</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex alaskensis
Alaska orache Distribution of <i>
Atriplex amnicola</i>
Paul G. Wilson
Atriplex amnicola
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex ×aptera</i>
A. Nelson (pro sp.) [<i>
canescens × nutallii</i>
Atriplex ×aptera [ canescens × nutallii ]
moundscale Distribution of <i>
Atriplex argentea</i>
Atriplex argentea
silverscale saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex asterocarpa</i>
Stutz, G.L. Chu & S.C. Sand.
Atriplex asterocarpa
Chinle saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex atacamensis</i>
Atriplex atacamensis
cachiyuyo Distribution of <i>
Atriplex barclayana</i>
(Benth.) D. Dietr. [excluded]
Atriplex barclayana
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex bonnevillensis</i>
C.A. Hanson
Atriplex bonnevillensis
Bonneville saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex bunburyana</i>
F. Muell.
Atriplex bunburyana
silver saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex californica</i>
Atriplex californica
California saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex calotheca</i>
(Rafn) Fr.
Atriplex calotheca
halberdleaf orach Distribution of <i>
Atriplex canescens</i>
(Pursh) Nutt.
Atriplex canescens
fourwing saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex cinerea</i>
Atriplex cinerea
gray saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex confertifolia</i>
(Torr. & Frém.) S. Watson
Atriplex confertifolia
shadscale saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex coquimbana</i>
Atriplex coquimbana
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex cordifolia</i>
J.M. Black
Atriplex cordifolia
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex cordulata</i>
Atriplex cordulata
heartscale Distribution of <i>
Atriplex coronata</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex coronata
crownscale Distribution of <i>
Atriplex corrugata</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex corrugata
mat saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex coulteri</i>
(Moq.) D. Dietr.
Atriplex coulteri
Coulter's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex cristata</i>
Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.
Atriplex cristata
crested saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex cuneata</i>
A. Nelson
Atriplex cuneata
valley saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex depressa</i>
Atriplex depressa
brittlescale Distribution of <i>
Atriplex drymarioides</i>
Atriplex drymarioides
seashore saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex eardleyae</i>
Atriplex eardleyae
small saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex elegans</i>
(Moq.) D. Dietr.
Atriplex elegans
wheelscale saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex erecticaulis</i>
Stutz, G.L. Chu & S.C. Sand.
Atriplex erecticaulis
erectstem saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex falcata</i>
(M.E. Jones) Standl.
Atriplex falcata
sickle saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex farinosa</i>
Atriplex farinosa
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex fruticulosa</i>
Atriplex fruticulosa
ball saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex gardneri</i>
(Moq.) D. Dietr.
Atriplex gardneri
Gardner's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex garrettii</i>
Atriplex garrettii
Garrett's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex glabriuscula</i>
Atriplex glabriuscula
Scotland orache Distribution of <i>
Atriplex glauca</i>
Atriplex glauca
waxy saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex gmelinii</i>
C.A. Mey.
Atriplex gmelinii
Gmelin's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex graciliflora</i>
M.E. Jones
Atriplex graciliflora
slenderflower saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex griffithsii</i>
Atriplex griffithsii
Griffiths' saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex halimus</i>
Atriplex halimus
saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex hillmanii</i>
(M.E. Jones) Standl.
Atriplex hillmanii
Hillman's silverscale Distribution of <i>
Atriplex holocarpa</i>
F. Muell.
Atriplex holocarpa
pop saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex hortensis</i>
Atriplex hortensis
garden orache Distribution of <i>
Atriplex hymenelytra</i>
(Torr.) S. Watson
Atriplex hymenelytra
desertholly Distribution of <i>
Atriplex inflata</i>
F. Muell.
Atriplex inflata
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex joaquinana</i>
A. Nelson
Atriplex joaquinana
San Joaquin saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex klebergorum</i>
M.C. Johnst.
Atriplex klebergorum
Kleberg's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex laciniata</i>
Atriplex laciniata
frosted orache Distribution of <i>
Atriplex lampa</i>
Gillies ex Moq.
Atriplex lampa
South American saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex lentiformis</i>
(Torr.) S. Watson
Atriplex lentiformis
big saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex leptocarpa</i>
F. Muell.
Atriplex leptocarpa
slender-fruit saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex leucoclada</i>
Atriplex leucoclada
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex leucophylla</i>
(Moq.) D. Dietr.
Atriplex leucophylla
beach saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex lindleyi</i>
Atriplex lindleyi
Lindley's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex littoralis</i>
Atriplex littoralis
grassleaf orache Distribution of <i>
Atriplex longitrichoma</i>
Stutz, G.L. Chu & S.C. Sand.
Atriplex longitrichoma
long-hair silverscale Distribution of <i>
Atriplex malvana</i>
Aellen & Sauvage
Atriplex malvana
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex matamorensis</i>
A. Nelson
Atriplex matamorensis
Matamoros saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex maximowicziana</i>
Atriplex maximowicziana
Maximowicz's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex micrantha</i>
Atriplex micrantha
twoscale saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex minuscula</i>
Atriplex minuscula
lesser saltscale Distribution of <i>
Atriplex minuticarpa</i>
Stutz & G.L. Chu
Atriplex minuticarpa
Tununk saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex muelleri</i>
Atriplex muelleri
Mueller's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex muricata</i>
Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.
Atriplex muricata
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex navajoensis</i>
C.A. Hanson
Atriplex navajoensis
Navajo saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex ×neomexicana</i>
Standl. (pro sp.) [<i>
confertifolia × cuneata</i>
Atriplex ×neomexicana [ confertifolia × cuneata ]
New Mexico saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex nudicaulis</i>
Atriplex nudicaulis
Baltic saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex nummularia</i>
Atriplex nummularia
bluegreen saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex nuttallii</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex nuttallii
Nuttall's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex oblongifolia</i>
Waldst. & Kit.
Atriplex oblongifolia
oblongleaf orache Distribution of <i>
Atriplex obovata</i>
Atriplex obovata
mound saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex ×odontoptera</i>
Rydb. (pro sp.) [<i>
canescens × gardneri</i>
Atriplex ×odontoptera [ canescens × gardneri ]
saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex pachypoda</i>
Stutz & G.L. Chu
Atriplex pachypoda
thickfoot saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex pacifica</i>
A. Nelson
Atriplex pacifica
Davidson's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex paludosa</i>
R. Br.
Atriplex paludosa
marsh saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex parishii</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex parishii
Parish's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex parryi</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex parryi
Parry's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex patula</i>
Atriplex patula
spear saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex persistens</i>
Stutz & G.L. Chu
Atriplex persistens
Sacramento saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex phyllostegia</i>
(Torr. ex S. Watson) S. Watson
Atriplex phyllostegia
leafcover saltweed Distribution of <i>
Atriplex polycarpa</i>
(Torr.) S. Watson
Atriplex polycarpa
cattle saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex powellii</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex powellii
Powell's saltweed Distribution of <i>
Atriplex prostrata</i>
Bouchér ex DC.
Atriplex prostrata
triangle orache Distribution of <i>
Atriplex pseudocampanulata</i>
Atriplex pseudocampanulata
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex pusilla</i>
(Torr. ex S. Watson) S. Watson
Atriplex pusilla
smooth saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex repanda</i>
Atriplex repanda
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex rhagodioides</i>
F. Muell.
Atriplex rhagodioides
silver saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex robusta</i>
Stutz, M.R. Stutz & S.C. Sand.
Atriplex robusta
robust saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex rosea</i>
Atriplex rosea
tumbling saltweed Distribution of <i>
Atriplex saccaria</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex saccaria
sack saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex semibaccata</i>
R. Br.
Atriplex semibaccata
Australian saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex serenana</i>
A. Nelson
Atriplex serenana
bractscale Distribution of <i>
Atriplex sibirica</i>
Atriplex sibirica
Siberian saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex spinifera</i>
J.F. Macbr.
Atriplex spinifera
spinescale saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex spongiosa</i>
F. Muell.
Atriplex spongiosa
pop saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex stipitata</i>
Atriplex stipitata
mallee saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex suberecta</i>
I. Verd.
Atriplex suberecta
peregrine saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex subspicata</i>
(Nutt.) Rydb.
Atriplex subspicata
saline saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex subtilis</i>
Stutz & G.L. Chu
Atriplex subtilis
deltoid-bract saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex tatarica</i>
Atriplex tatarica
Tatarian orache Distribution of <i>
Atriplex tenuissima</i>
A. Nelson
Atriplex tenuissima
slender saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex texana</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex texana
Texas saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex torreyi</i>
(S. Watson) S. Watson
Atriplex torreyi
Torrey's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex tridentata</i>
Atriplex tridentata
basin saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex truncata</i>
(Torr. ex S. Watson) A. Gray
Atriplex truncata
wedgescale saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex tularensis</i>
Atriplex tularensis
Tulare saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex undulata</i>
(Moq.) D. Dietr.
Atriplex undulata
wavy-leaved saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex vallicola</i>
Atriplex vallicola
Lost Hills saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex verrucifera</i>
M. Bieb.
Atriplex verrucifera
Distribution of <i>
Atriplex vesicaria</i>
Heward ex Benth.
Atriplex vesicaria
aboriginal saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex wardii</i>
Atriplex wardii
Ward's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex watsonii</i>
A. Nelson
Atriplex watsonii
Watson's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex welshii</i>
C.A. Hanson
Atriplex welshii
Welsh's saltbush Distribution of <i>
Atriplex wolfii</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex wolfii
Wolf's saltweed Distribution of <i>
Atriplex wrightii</i>
S. Watson
Atriplex wrightii
Wright's saltbush Plant is native (blue) Native Plant is introduced Introduced Plant is introduced Native and Introduced Related taxa legend

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Interpreting Wetland Status

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Source Large Mammals Small Mammals Water Birds Terrestrial Birds
Martin Moderate Low Minor Low


Source Large Mammals Small Mammals Water Birds Terrestrial Birds
Martin Moderate Low


Martin, A.C., H.S. Zim, and A.L. Nelson. 1951. American wildlife and plants: A guide to wildlife food habits . Dover Publications. New York.

Description of Values

Value Class Food Cover
High Average 25-50% of diet Regular source of cover
Low 5-10% of diet Infrequently used as cover
Minor 2-5% of diet Sparsely used as cover
Moderate Average 10-25% of diet Occasional source of cover

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Atriplex sp.
Atriplex sp.
ID: 5555 5555 0000 1394 [detail]
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