Kinds of Taiwan Dicotyledoneae

Dicots of Taiwan

Compiled from
D.E. Boufford, H. Ohashi, T.C. Huang, C.F. Hsieh,
J.L. Tsai, K.C. Yang, C.I Peng,C.S. Kuoh and A.Hsiao. 2003.
Flora of Taiwan, Second Edition.
Department of Botany, National Taiwan University

Y.P. Yang and H.Y. Liu. 2002.
Manual of Taiwan Vascular Plants.
Council of Agriculture, Taipei, Taiwan

and other sources.

W.L. Chiou and S.H. Dai
Taiwan Forestry Research Institute
J. Pickering
University of Georgia, Athens

Scientific name -- Other names
   Loranthus delavayi Van Tieghem
   Loranthus kaoi (J. M. Chao) H. S. Kiu
   Taxillus limprichtii (Gruning) H. S. Kiu.
   Taxillus liquidambaricolus (Hayata) Hosok
   Taxillus lonicerifolius (Hayata) S. T. Chiu
   Taxillus matsudai (Hayata) Danser
   Taxillus parasiticus (L.) S. T. Chiu
   Taxillus pseudochinensis (Yamam.) Danser
   Taxillus rhododendricolius (Hayata) S. T. Chiu
   Taxillus ritozanensis (Hayata) S. T. Chiu
   Taxillus theifer (Hayata) H. S. Kiu
   Taxillus tsaii S. T. Chiu

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