Jeanie Hilten - 12 December, 2000

ATBI Conference Agenda

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 12:56:26 -0500
From: John Pickering 
Subject: For Web -- ATBI Conference Agenda

Discover Life in America and Great Smoky Mountains National Park

 ATBI Annual Conference
 December 19-21, 2000

DLIA Board Meeting
 December 21, 2000

 Glenstone Lodge, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

(Agenda 12/11/00)

Tuesday, December 19

8:30-10:00am  Check-In.        Glenstone Lodge Lobby
 10:00am:  Convene Meeting        The Dogwood Room
 Welcome:  Phil Francis, Assistant Superintendent and Mike Tollefson,
Superintendent, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
 10:10-Opening Message from DLIA Chairman Frank Harris

 Research Reports        The Dogwood Room
 10:20-John Morse, coordinator of the Mini-Grant program-
 10:30-Sam James
 10:40-Mark Wetzel
 10:50-Steve Stephenson

 11:00-Keith Langdon, the Vertebrate Study-
 11:10-Don Linzey
 11:20-Ed Pivorun
 11:30-Michael Harvey
 11:40-Ben Cash

 11:50-Chuck Parker, USGS-BRD Study

 12:00-1:30pm:  Lunch (on your own) and view exhibits

 Research Reports, continued        The Dogwood Room
 1:30-2:10pm:  Taxanomic Working Groups (TWIGs) Research 2000 reports
 (Mike Sharkey coordinator)
 1:30-Mike Sharkey
 1:40-Elizabeth Skillen
 1:50-David Porter
 2:10-2:40-Status Reports: Vegetation, Mike Jenkins; Soils, Anthony Khiel
 2:40-3:00-Cosby Sorting Center, Becky Nichols and Ian Stocks;  Labels,
John Pickering

 3:00-3:15pm:  Break.  Refreshments provided.        Poolside

 3:15-Lepidoptera Blitz, Dave Wagner
 3:25-Web Pages, John Pickering
 3:35-Photography, Kevin Fitzpatrick
 3:45-Science Plan and Discussion, Peter White

 4:00-5:00pm View Exhibits            The Azalea Room

 5:00-6:30pm:  Visit the Collections of Great Smoky Mountains National
Park, Don Defoe

 6:30pm:  Reception: Heavy Hors D'Oeuvres and Cash Bar    Indoor Pool and
The Azalea Room
 7:00pm  Musical entertainment:  "The Woodpickers"-Celtic and Appalachian
music, and Social time                    The Azalea Room

Wednesday, December 20

 7:30-8:30am:  Continental Breakfast         Poolside
 8:30-9:00-Featured Guest Speaker:  Wilma Dykeman    The Dogwood Room

 Projects, continued
 9:00-9:15-ATBI  Database, Norm Johnson
 9:15-9:25-National Science Foundation, Mike Sharkey
 9:25-Fundraising-Mary Williams and Frank Harris
 9:25-10:15-Fund Raising, Frank Harris; Joint Fundraising with Friends,
Charles Maynard; Current Prospects,George Ivey; Opportunities through the
Government, Keith Langdon

 10:15-10:30am:  Break.  Refreshments provided.        Poolside

 10:30-GRSM Science Center Plan, Keith Langdon

 Resource Education and Volunteers        The Dogwood Room
 10:40-11:10-GSMNP Resource Education Programs and Opportunities: Purchase
Knob, Discovery Center and more, Karen Ballentine, Susan Sachs
 11:15-11:30-NSF Program (Susan Reichert)
 11:30-11:40-"Experience Your Smokies", Carey Jones and Jim Embry

 11:40-1:00pm:  View exhibits, especially Glen Este High School Project
    The Azalea Room  and Lunch.  (On your own)

 1:00-Tremont Student Involvement--new moth species, Paul Super
 1:10-DLIA Volunteer Plan, Jeanie Hilten

 Discussion and Work Sessions    The Dogwood Room and elsewhere
 1:20-3:00pm:  Introduction to interest/work group sessions on specific
topics and areas of concern, Peter White, coordinator.  Possible topice;
 TWIGs, Volunteers, Education, Photography/Web, Fundraising, Databasing

 3:00-3:15pm:  Break.  Refreshments provided.    Poolside

 3:15-4:00-Interest/work groups meet.        (Various meeting places)


3:30-4:00-ATBI Summary Presentation for Press and Public, Peter White,
Keith Langdon, Jeanie Hilten
 4:00-5:00-Interest/work group reports, wrap-up discussion, Peter White
 5:00-Concluding messages, Frank Harris, Keith Langdon; Adjourn

 Thursday, December 21:  Discover Life in America Board Meeting.
Highlander Room

 7:30-8:30am:  Continental Breakfast        Poolside
 * Call to Order
 * Determination of a Quorum
 * Approval of Minutes
 * Treasurer's Report
 * Old Business:  
 --Fundraising Action Plan
 --Finalize Strategic Plan (Business Plan)
 --Budget for 2001 and projection for 2002

 10:00-10:30am:  Break.  Refreshments provided.    Highlander Lobby

 * New Business
 --Other committee reports and plans
 --ATBI Housing needs
 --Volunteer Coordination and Volunteer Training Day
 --Board member composititon and term limits, activism, and Board meeting

 12:00pm:  Adjourn            Thank You

Exhibits and Displays for the Conference:

"Threats to the Park"-air quality, exotics, neighboring community issues, etc.
 "Creatures"-terraria and aquaria, specimens (moths and butterflies,
beetles, others), maps, charts of field work, microscopes for viewing
 "What's New"-vertebrate study, other funding, species discoveries
(photos, slides, posters of inventory charts), facilities, The Purchase
 "The ATBI Plots"-model of how they are set up and the sampling methods
used in them
 "The Cosby Sorting Center"-showing the work methods and equipment
 "Soils and Geology"-displays and maps of recent field work and how
related to ATBI
 "Education and the Scientific Method"-examples of programs to convey ATBI
process to teachers and students Web Pages with either a computer set up at the
conference or printouts of the species pages.  List of URL's of other
pertinent web sites.
 "Park Map"-showing ATBI related project locations:  plots, Cosby sorting
center and house, Cades Cove house, Twin Creeks, the Purchase, etc.
 TWIG and Mini-grant exhibits
 DLIA table (T-shirts, volunteer sign up, educator involvement, 2001
housing calendar, brochures)
 Friends of the Smokies
 Great Smoky Mountains Natural History Association

 Jeanie Hilten
 Discover Life in America
 (865) 430-4752
 1314 Cherokee Orchard Road
 Gatlinburg, TN 37738

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