Smart, Wired & Alive, Conference, 28-30 October, Athens, Georgia

When: 1:00PM, Sunday, 28th October, through 12:30PM, Tuesday, 30th.

Where: Room R, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 1197 South Lumpkin Street, Athens
details regarding lodging, transportation, directions, registration and special needs.

Vision: Empower all K-16 teachers, students and other interested citizens with the tools, training and support networks to conduct original research; to unlock the mysteries of the natural world around them; to discover the joys and wonders of nature; to make scientific findings that society needs to better understand and manage our environment, and to learn creative, thinking skills for tomorrow's workforce. In short, let's make school curricula more exciting and meaningful, better understand nature, and save the planet to boot!!!

Overview: The conference will focus on three areas: education (Smart), technology (Wired), and biological research & management (Alive). We'll bring together organizations and individuals with expertise in these areas from around the nation. Participants should expect to share ideas and refine the vision. They will be asked to identify partners who are likely to join our endeavor, to develop specific goals, and to create a strategic planning process and board of advisors. To move forward rapidly, our process should be both inclusive and informal -- one that encourages integration across disciplines and builds a network of established organizations as it's foundation.

Smart Goals:

Wired Goals:

Alive Goals:

In Georgia:

Potential Participants: Federal & state agencies concerned with education, science, and resource managent. NGO's with similar interests. School districts and libraries. Garden clubs, naturalists, technology companies, community outreach and volunteer organizations, philanthropists... Hopefully everyone.

Anticipated number of participant: We estimate 15-20 participants.


Participants can register for Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday either on-line, by phone (706-542-2134), by mail, or at the conference. Costs are as follows:




Participants include:

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