Discover Life in America and Great Smoky Mountains National Park

5th Annual All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory Conference, 2001

November 28-30:Photography Workshop and Pre-Conference Meetings

November 29-30: General Sessions and Guest Speakers

December 1: DLIA Board Meeting

The Glenstone Lodge, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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Wednesday, November 28







Field Trip (carpool) to the new Science Learning Center

Photo Workshop Registration

ATBI Photo Workshop sessions and trips, Kevin Fitz Patrick and Rebecca Shiflett

Photography Through the Microscope- Robert Martin, Martin Microscope Co.

DLIA Database/Web Interface Committee Meeting

TWIG leader supper meeting: Database Standards and Procedures

Purchase Knob

Glenstone Lodge Lobby

Dogwood Room

Dogwood Room

Place to be announced

Glenstone Lodge Lobby

Thursday, November 29

8:00am-8:30am-Check-InGlenstone Lodge Lobby
8:30am-Convene Meeting: Jeanie Hilten, DLIA
-Welcome: Mike Tollefson, Superintendent, GSMNP
-Opening Message: Frank Harris, Chair, DLIA
Dogwood Room
9:00am-9:30am-Guest Speaker-Michael Soukop, Associate Director, NPS Resource Stewardship and Science

Research Reports: Mini GrantsDogwood Room
9:30am-9:45am-Review of DLIA Mini-Grants Program, John C. Morse
9:45am-10:00am-Oligochaeta of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Mark Wetzel
10:00am-10:15am-Summer Plecoptera Assemblage in Abrams Creek, Ed DeWalt and Brian Heinhold
10:15am-10:30am-Leaf Beetles in GSMNP-Chrysomelidae Coleoptera, Shawn Clark
10:30am-10:50am-Break Refreshments providedPoolside
10:50am-11:05am-Science Club Wasp Project, Jon Souders and Glen Este High School Students
11:05am-11:20am-Tardigrade Inventory Progress, Paul Bartels
11:20am-11:35am-Non-diatom Algae of GSMNP, Jeff Johansen, Shannon Gomez, Rex Lowe
11:35am-11:50am-Cellular Slime Molds of GSMNP, John Landolt and James Cavender
11:50am-12:05pm-Biting Fly Symbionts, Will Reeves
12:05pm-1:15pm-Lunch (on your own) and view exhibitsAzalea Room

Science & EducationDogwood Room
1:15pm-1:30pm-The ATBI Quarterly, Ruthanne Mitchell
1:30pm-1:45pm-ATBI research by students at GSM Institute at Tremont, Paul Super and Michelle Prysby
1:45pm-2:00pm-GSMNP Resource Education and the ATBI, Chris Stein
2:00pm-2:15pm-Upward Bound Student Participation, Nancy Headlee and Stephanie Stocks

Research Reports: The Vertebrate StudyDogwood Room
2:15pm-2:20pm-Vertebrate Study Update, Keith Langdon
2:20pm-2:35pm-Development of Predictive Habitat models from Breeding Bird Inventory Data, Ted Simons
2:35pm-2:55pm-Reptiles of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Ben Cash
2:55pm-3:10pm-Mammal Inventory, Donald Linzey, Christy Brecht, Ed Pivorun, and Robert Keller
3:10pm-3:30pm-Break. Refreshments ProvidedPoolside

Projects and Status ReportsDogwood Room
3:30-3:50-NPS Bio-Inventories and Database, Mark Wotawa
3:50-4:05-ATBI Database and DLIA Web Site, Norm Johnson
4:05-4:20-University of Georgia Hymenoptera Study, Elizabeth Skillen
4:20-4:30-Fern Forays, Patricia Cox
4:30-4:45-TBI Pilot Project, Chuck Parker
4:45-5:00-Coleoptera, Alex Konstantinov
5:00-5:15-The Smokies New Science Center and Laboratory, Keith Langdon

Special Sessions (You can attend both)
5:15pm-6:00pm-Visit to the Collections of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Don DefoeMeet Glenstone Lobby
5:15pm-6:00-Using UTMs in your data recording, Keith Langdon and Michael KunzeMeet Glenstone Lobby

Evening Program
6:30pm until ?-Social Reception: Hors d'Oeuvres & Cash Bar
Biodiversity Auction with Emily Jones, DLIA Development Coordinator and Chris Headrick, Chief Auctioneer, Pigeon Forge Auction Company
Ernie Bernard's Springtail Jar-Buy a ticket-guess the number-win a prize!

Traditional Music Jam Session with "The Woodpickers" (bring your guitar, banjo,mandolin, spoons, etc. and join in!)

Poolside/Azalea Room/Dogwood Room

Friday, November 30

7:30-8:30am-Continental BreakfastPoolside
8:30-Guest Speaker-Michael Donoghue, G.E. Hutchinson Professor, Yale UniversityDogwood Room

Fundraising and Development
9:00-9:15-DLIA's Development Plans and Progress, Emily Jones
Volunteer ReportsDogwood Room
9:15-9:25-Volunteer Action, 2001 Jeanie Hilten
9:25-9:35-Illustrating the ATBI, Nancy Lowe, Kevin Fitz Patrick, Rebecca Shiflett
9:35-9:45-Field Projects, Jim Lowe, Jim Burbank, and Bob Hightower
9:45-10:00-Science and Taxonomy projects, Tom Rogers
10:00-10:20-Break Refreshments provided.Poolside
(Please sign up for afternoon Discussion Forums)

Research Reports: Taxonomic Working Groups (TWIGs)Dogwood Room
10:20-10:35-TWIG Coordination, Rex Lowe
10:35-10:50-Vascular Plants, David K. Smith
10:50-11:05-Re-launching the Coleoptera TWIG for the Smokies' ATBI, Chris Carlton
11:05-11:20-Diptera, Will Reeves
11:20-11:35-Arachnids, Fred Coyle
11:35-11:50-Myxomycetes, Steve Stevenson
11:50-12:05-Apterygotes, Ernie Bernard
12:05-12:20-Fungi, Dennis Drehmel
12:20-1:30pm-Lunch (on your own) and view exhibitsAzalea Room

Stories from the ATBI & Discussion ForumsDogwood Room
1:30-3:00pm:- Peter White, moderator
This is a chance for everyone to share stories from the field and then to gather in small groups to discuss particular topics. We strongly encourage interdisciplinary participation in the sessions-for example, scientists joining in the education discussions and vice versa.
Choose a Discussion Forum: Science Plan Update, Peter White
Development and Finance, Emily Jones and Dave Scanlon
Science Education, Jeanie Hilten
Brainstorming for 2002, Keith Langdon
(Meeting Places to be announced)
3:00-3:15pm-Break. Refreshments provided.Poolside

Concluding MessagesDogwood Room
3:15-3:30Frank Harris
(Please complete and turn in evaluation forms)
Thank You!

ATBI Summary Presentation for Press and PublicHighlander Room
3:30-4:00Bob Miller

Saturday, December 1

Discover Life in America Board MeetingHighlander Room

7:30am-8:30am-Continental Breakfast
8:30am-10:00am Call to Order
Determination of a Quorum
Approval of Minutes
Treasurer's Report
Old Business
10:00am-10:15am- Break Refreshments provided
10:15am-New Business

Exhibits and Displays for the Conference:The Azalea Room
(Ruthanne Mitchell,
  • "Threats to the Park"- air quality, exotics, neighboring community issues, etc.
  • Fraser Fir Monitoring
  • Creatures-terraria and aquaria, specimens (moths and butterflies, beetles, others), maps, charts of field work, microscopes for viewing
  • The NPS Science Center Plans
  • Purchase Knob Science Learning Center
  • The Taxa Table
  • Cranefiy Study-Matt Peterson, University of Tennessee
  • Featherwing Beetles-Ernie Bernard, University of Tennessee
  • Soils (Anthony Khiel) and Geology-displays and maps of recent field work and how related to ATBI
  • "Education and the Scientific Method"-examples of programs to convey ATBI process to teachers and students: Tremont and Glen Este High School, NPS Resource Education.
  • Computer Station with biodiversity web sites
  • The ATBI/DLIA Database-computer, sample entries, formats
  • Park Map-showing ATBI related project locations: plots, Cosby sorting center and house, Cades Cove house, Twin Creeks, the Purchase, etc.
  • TWIG and Mini-grant exhibits
  • DLIA table (T-shirts, volunteer sign up, educator involvement, brochures)
  • Friends of the Smokies Great Smoky Mountains Natural History Association

Discover Life | Who We Are | Events | 2001 ATBI Conference registration | Agenda