Strategic Meeting Agenda

March 8-9, 2002


Friday, March 8
5:00Arrival at Park Grill
5:15Introduction and brief review of materials in information packets by Frank Harris
5:45Review major elements in 2000-2003 Strategic Plan and update as necessary to reflect changes in situation:
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Mission
  • Strategic Themes
7:00Adjourn to dinner

Saturday, March 9
Morning schedule
8:00Review education plan and other progress toward achieving Strategic Theme III; develop or revise goals, success indicators, and strategies, as necessary
9:30Develop goals, success indicators, and strategies for business operations (Strategic Theme IV)
10:30Complete development of goals, success indicators, and strategies for Strategic Theme IV
Afternoon schedule
12:30Review plans and progress toward achieving Goals for Strategic Themes I, II, and V; identify success indicators, and revise strategies for achievement of Goals, as needed
2:00Complete review of Strategic Themes I, II, and V, along with identification of success indicators, and revision of strategies, as needed
3:30Action items and assignments for development of action (business) plans (which include roles and responsibilities, specific actions and expected results, resource requirements and potential sponsors, and schedules and milestones).

Biographical Sketch of Our Facilitator

John R. Trabalka received his Ph.D. in Environmental Health Sciences (specializing in radiation ecology) from the University of Michigan in 1971, and immediately joined the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He has been a member of the senior research staff at ORNL since 1984. His professional interests and experience have primarily involved the biogeochemistry and effects of environmental pollutants, particularly radionuclides, and have been extremely varied, ranging from protection of human health and the environment at remedial action or waste management sites to anthropogenic effects on global element cycles and climate. His experiences in both research and project and program management within multi-disciplinary environmental programs have led to an increasing involvement in strategic planning activities over the past 15 years. He now serves as technical assistant to Frank Harris at ORNL. [He also has a significant interest in taxonomy, deriving from his doctoral thesis work, which expanded to include the local fauna and flora, particularly wild flowers, following his arrival in Tennessee.]

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