Great Smoky Mountains National Park
All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory

Planning Workshop
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
18-19 December, 1997

List of Participants

The following table is generated from a database that we are building of potential partners for the GSMNP-ATBI. Please send corrections to Heather Alley (e-mail: or tel: 706-542-1388). "Invited" designates individuals who may have attended. "Yes" designates those who planned to attend as of 15 December, 1997. Please send Heather your name if you should be on this list and are not.

Abrell, Joe Great Smokey Mountains National Park Yes
Adler, Peter Clemson University Yes
Alverson, William Harvard University Herbaria Yes
Anderson Bob Canadiam Museum of Nature Yes
Ballentine, Karen Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Barger, Don National Parks and Conservation Association Yes
Bernard, Ernie University of Tennessee Yes
Blanco, Roger Area de Conservacion de Guanacaste Yes
Blount, Tom National Park Service Yes
Boetsch, John National Park Service Yes
Bogart, G. Pi Beta Phi Grade School Yes
Bright, Cheryl Smithsonian Institution Yes
Brill, David University of Tennessee Yes
Brooks, Dan University of Toronto Yes
Brown, John U.S.D.A. Systematic Entomology Lab Yes
Brown, Richard Mississippi Entomological Museum Yes
Buck, Bill New York Botanical Garden Yes
Busack, Steve North Carolina State Museum Yes
Caldwell, Ron Lincoln Memorial University Yes
Chavarria, Maria Marta Area de Conservacion de Guanacaste Yes
Christoffersen, Leif World Foundation for Environment and Development Yes
Collavo, Babette Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Colwell, Sheila National Park Service Yes
Conover, Adele Yes
Costa, Jim Western Carolina University Yes
Cotter, Gladys U.S.G.S. -Biological Resources Division Yes
Covell, Charles University of Louisville Yes
Cover, Stephan Harvard University Yes
Coyle, Fred Western Carolina University Yes
Davis, Marti Knoxville News Sentinel Yes
Davison, Paul University of North Alabama Yes
DeFoe, Don National Park Service Yes
Dellinger, Bob National Park Service Yes
Dey, Jonathan Illinois Wesleyan University Yes
Dietrich, Christopher Illinois Natural History Survey Yes
Dillard, Gary Western Kentucky University Yes
Ditlzer Craig Natural Resources Conservation Service Yes
Edwards, Amy University of Georgia Yes
Emmott, Robert Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area Yes
Etnier, Dave University of Tennessee Yes
Fonseca, Gilberto Area de Conservacion de Osa Yes
Foster, Mercedes U.S.G.S. -Biological Resources Division Yes
Francis, Philip Jr. National Park Service Yes
Gaasch, Christi Dekalb County Cooperative Extension Yes
Gall, Wayne Buffalo Museum of Science Yes
Hall, Steve North Carolina Natural Heritage Yes
Hallwachs, Winnie University of Pennsylvania Yes
Harris, Frank University of Tennessee Yes
Henry, Ed Great Smokey Mountains National Park Yes
Hobbs, III, H.H. Wittenberg University Yes
Ivie, Mike Montana State University Yes
James, Samuel Maharishi International University Yes
Janzen, Daniel University of Pennsylvania Yes
Johnson, Kristine Great Smokey Mountains National Park Yes
Johnson, Norm Ohio State University Yes
Jones, Carey Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Kauffman, Gary U.S.D.A. -Forest Service Yes
Kunze, Michael Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Lance, Ron The North Carolina Abroretum none Yes
Lane, Meredith Office of Science and Technology Policy Yes
Langdon, Keith National Park Service Yes
Lowe, Rex Bowling Green State University Yes
Major, Smoot Tennessee Natural Heritage Program Yes
Masis, Alejandro University of Pennsylvania Yes
Maynard, Charles Friends of G.S.M.N.P Yes
McCarthy, Dennis University of Tennessee Yes
McGhee, Liz University of Georgia Yes
McHugh, Joe University of Georgia Yes
Meier, Albert Western Kentucky University Yes
Miller, Bob Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Miller, Mike Pi Beta Phi Grade School Yes
Morse, John Clemson University Yes
Moser, William Smithsonian Institution Yes
Mueller, Greg The Field Museum Yes
Murdock, Nora U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Yes
Murrell, Zack Western Kentucky University Yes
Musetti, Luciana Ohio State University Yes
Nelson, Charles University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Yes
Nelson, Diane East Tennessee State University Yes
Ness, Josh University of Georgia Yes
Newton, Darwin Natural Resource Conservation Service Yes
Nicholas, Niki Tennessee Valley Authority Yes
Nichols, Becky National Park Service Yes
Nordman, Carl Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation Yes
Opler, Paul Biological Resources Division Biological Informatics Yes
Parker, Charles U.S.G.S. -Biological Resources Division Yes
Pelton, Mike University of Tennessee Yes
Peterson, Ron University of Tennessee Yes
Pickering, John University of Georgia Yes
Pittillo, Dan Western Carolina University Yes
Pulliam, Ron University of Georgia Yes
Rabenold, Kerry Purdue University Yes
Reid, Janet Smithsonian Institution Yes
Remaley, Tom Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Rock, Janet National Park Service Yes
Rodman, Ann National Park Service Yes
Rodriguez, Carlos Mario Instito Nacional de Biodiversidad Yes
Ross, Susan Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Rossman, Amy U.S.D.A. Yes
Sachs, Susan Pi Beta Phi Grade School Yes
Schilling, Ed University of Tennessee Yes
Scholtens, Brian College of Charleston Yes
Scott, Preston World Foundation for Environment and Development Yes
Sharkey, Mike University of Kentucky Yes
Simons, Ted U.S.G.S. -Biological Resources Division Yes
Skillen, Elizabeth University of Georgia Yes
Smith, D.K. University of Tennessee Yes
Soehn, Dana National Park Service Yes
Soukup, Michael National Park Service Yes
Stephenson, Steve Fairmont State College Yes
Stokes, Michael Western Kentucky University Yes
Story, Mike National Park Service Yes
Sutter, Rob The Nature Conservancy, Southeast Regional Office Yes
Taylor, Glenn Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Thompson, Chris U.S.D.A. Systematic Entomology Lab Yes
Voorhis, Ken Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont Yes
Wade, Karen Great Smoky Mountains National Park Yes
Walker, Joan USFS - Clemson University Yes
Wallace, Richard National Biological Society Yes
Watson, Kelley National Park Service Yes
White, Peter University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Yes
Williams, Gary National Park Service Yes
Withers, David Tennessee Division of Natural Heritage Yes
Young, Steve U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Yes
van Manen, Frank U.S.G.S.-Biological Resorces Division Yes

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