Great Smoky Mountains National Park
All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory
Database Planning Workshop
Reston, Virginia
22-23 April, 1998

Hosted by
United States Geological Survey
Biological Resources Division

List of Participants

The following table is generated from a database that we are building of potential partners for Discover Life in America. Please send corrections and updates to Heather Alley (e-mail: or tel: 706-542-1388).

Bauldock, Barbara U.S.G.S.-Biological Resources Division
Blum, Stan University of Kansas
Butler, Dixon GLOBE
Coddington, Jonathan Smithsonian Institution
Colwell, Robert University of Connecticut
Cotter, Gladys U.S.G.S. -Biological Resources Division
Fenn, Denny U.S.G.S. -Biological Resourses Division
Fornwall, Mark U.S.G.S.-Biological Resources Division
Green, Laura University of Kansas
Hallwachs, Winnie University of Pennsylvania
Hodge, Gail U.S.G.S.-Biological Resources Division
Honey, Leslie The Nature Conservancy
Ivie, Mike Montana State University
Janzen, Daniel University of Pennsylvania
Johnson, Norm Ohio State University
Langdon, Keith National Park Service
Mosesso, John U.S.G.S.-Biological Resources Division
Musetti, Luciana Ohio State University
Pickering, John University of Georgia
Sharkey, Mike University of Kentucky
Waggoner, Gary U.S.G.S.-Biological Resources Division
Warner, Richard Association for Biodiversity Information
Young, Steve U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Updated: 4 July, 1998