Discover Life inAmerica

Minutes -- December 18 Meeting

Discover Life in America
Board Of Directors Meeting
Minutes of December 18, 1998

University of Tennessee Classroom Facility, Knoxville Center

The Board meeting of Discover Life in America was convened at 9:30 A.M., 
December 18, 1998.

Attending:  John Pickering      Mary Johnson Williams
            Frank Harris        Rex Lowe
            Elizabeth Skillen   Norm Johnson
            Mike Sharkey        Charles Maynard  
            Susan Riechert      John Morse
            Terry Maddox        David Scanlon
            Tom Kiernan         George Briggs
            Peter White         Jody Flemming

Visitors:   Phil Francis        Becky Nichols 
            Keith Langdon       Karen Ballentine 
            Ken Voorhis         Luciana Musetti
            Chuck Parker

Absent:     Glenn Bogart, Boyd Evison, Meredith Lane, George Stuart
The Board expressed the need for Articles of Incorporation and a
Memorandum of Understanding with the National Park Service.

A motion to approve the Bylaws was introduced by Tom Kiernan and seconded
by Frank Harris. The Bylaws were unanimously approved after Article 1,
section 2 was changed to read "The purpose for which this corporation is
formed is as set forth in the corporation's Articles of Incorporation.

John Morse was appointed Parliamentarian.

Frank Harris introduced a motion regarding the use of Robert's Rules of
Order which was seconded by Mary Johnson Williams. The Board would adopt
a philosophy to operate by consensus when possible, and use Robert's Rules
of Order only when necessary. The Chairman will decide when to invoke
Robert's Rules. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mary Johnson Williams motioned to renew all expiring Board terms for threee
years. George Briggs, Frank Harris, John Morse, David Scanlon and George
Stuart were unanimously re-elected. Mike Sharkey will see if Meredith Lane
is interested in serving another term.

The Board considered a rain-check for Boyd Evison, and the Nominating
Committee was charged with drafting a policy for dealing with absences by
the May 15, 1999 meeting.

John Morse motioned and Mike Sharkey seconded the motion to give Elizabeth
Skillen full Board membership. The motion was unanimously approved.

Frank Harris motioned to open Board membership to students at appropriate
and balanced levels. The motion was unanimously approved.

John Pickering nominated Irven De Vore for Board Membership and Frank
Harris seconded the motion. Irven DeVore was unanimously elected to the
Board of Directors.

John Pickering requested that the Board provide names of membership
candidates to the Nominating Committee by March 15, 1999. He also asked
that the Committee Chairs fill out their Committees.

The Chair nominated the following Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs:

 Science          John Morse and Peter White

 Communications   Tom Kiernan, George Briggs and George Stuart

 Development      Frank Harris and Mary Johnson Williams

 Finance          Charles Maynard and David Scanlon

 Education        Glenn Bogart and Susan Riechert

 Information      Norm Johnson

 Nominating       Mike Sharkey(Chair), Glenn Bogart, Rex Lowe and George Stuart

The Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs were approved by unanimous consent.

The following officers were approved by unanimous vote:

 Chair            John Pickering
 President        Mary Johnson Williams
 Vice Chair       Peter White
 Vice President   Frank Harris
 Secretary        Tom Kiernan
 Treasurer        Charles Maynard
  • Committee Reports- Committee Chairs gave brief interim reports and will
    present full reports at the May Board meeting.

    Science- Peter White and John Morse
    The Science Committee reported that the DLIA meeting produced abundant raw
    materials and was enthusiastic and engaged. Mr. White discussed the need
    for a strategic plan and offered to serve with optimism and cheerfulness.
    John Morse reported that each twig was independently developing a pilot
    project with work scheduled to begin on March 1, 1999. The objective of
    these projects is to complete an inventory of some well known groups. The
    resulting finished products will demonstrate how much we can learn about
    less well known groups.

    Communications- Tom Kiernan
    Tom Kiernan discussed the need for a uniform public relations plan and a six
    month timetable for developing marketing strategies/frameworks. Phil
    Francis suggested that DLIA register/copyright its name.

    Development- Mary Johnson Williams
    Mary Johnson Williams discussed plans to pursue funding for the $150,000
    matching grant with TVA, Eastman Chemical, Fuji Film America and
    Foundations. The "labrats" need to come up with a current cost estimate
    for the propesed Twin Creeks facility. Ms. Williams will present a long
    range strategic development plan at the May Board meeting.

    Education- Ken Voorhis (for Glenn Bogart)
    Ken Voorhis presented a draft mission statement for the Education Committee
    and an action plan for Educational efforts over the next several years. The
    Committee emphasized the need for an Education Coordinator in order to
    implement the action plan.

    Information Management- Norm Johnson
    Norm Johnson discussed the need for a policy on DLIA membership requirements
    and data sharing. He also outlined a plan to seek NSF funding to help pay
    for hardware, software and personnel in information management. The board
    unanimously endorsed seeking the grant.

  • Status of GSMNP-ATBI- Keith Langdon
    Keith Langdon discussed some early findings of the ATBI and the importance
    of the National Park Service's role in the project.

  • The Chief Administrative Officer's job description was unanimously
    approved. The CAO and the Executive Committee will draft an annual work
    plan for presentation at the May Board meeting. The position will report to
    Mary Johnson Williams and will be subject to an annual evaluation.

  • A sub-committee comprised of Tom Kiernan, Mary Johnson Williams and John
    Pickering will draft Articles of Incorporation by the May Board meeting.

  • The 1999 DLIA Planning Meeting will take place From December 7-10 in
    Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Board Meeting will be on the 10th at the same

  • Charles Maynard, Mike Sharkey and Phil Francis will develop a business plan
    for presentation at the May Board Meeting.

  • Mary Johnson Williams, George Briggs and Frank Harris will form a job
    search committee for the position of Chief Executive Officer.

  • The Science Committee will work to prioritize funding needs for
    presentation to the board.

  • Chuck Parker will chair a sub-committee to assess facilities needs.

  • The request for support of Dave Wagner's research was tabled.

  • The Board decided not to allow researchers to run their grants through DLIA
    in order to save on overhead costs.

    15:30 Adjourn
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