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Minutes -- February 18, 1999 Executive Committee Conference Call

Executive Committee Attendees:  Peter White, John Pickering, Mary Williams,
Frank Harris, Charles Maynard

Absent Committee Members:  Tom Kiernan

Guests:  Phil Francis, Keith Langdon, Becky Nichols, Karen Ballentine,
Elizabeth Skillen, Jody Flemming

I. Call to Order: Mary Williams

II.  Budget Discussion- The Executive Committee discussed the need to set
funding priorities which would provide the most efficient use of DLIA funds
for the immediate future.  The Committee reached a consensus that DLIA
should fund a small group of TWIGS that are well along in their planning
process.  Priority will be given to those TWIGS that have shown enthusiasm
and motivation on their own.

The Committee will also explore the possibility of working with the Friends
of GSMNP to directly fund some specific research projects and to qualify for
matching NHA funds.

John Pickering moved to allocate $8,000 to set up a Specimen Processing
Center in the Cosby area of the park.  Frank Harrris seconded the motion,
which was approved by unanimous vote.  The Center will consist of a
rent-free house in the Cosby campground with the necessary supplies to
process bulk samples.  The NPS will also provide a housing unit for visiting
researchers.  Becky Nichols will initially oversee the  operation of the
center.  The Executive Committee will explore other possibilities for
staffing the Center long-term.

Peter White moved to allocate $16,000 to the Science Committee to implement
a mini-grant program to fund TWIG efforts.  The Science Committee would call
for proposals from TWIGS and award funds based on the strength of those
proposals.  John Pickering seconded the motion which was approved by
unanimous vote.

John Pickering also requested funds for the proposed Nature Quest in May,
but the Executive Committee declined.  The Nature Quest Committee was asked
to study the issue and make recommendations to the Executive Committee. 
Many of the meeting attendees voiced concern regarding the logistics of such
an event and the cost involved.

III.  The next Executive Committee Conference call was scheduled for Monday,
March 29 at 10AM.

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