Discover Life workshop, Elmira College, 9-12 August, 2008

A Gathering of Naturalists:
Ideas, field sampling, photography, and computers

9-12 August, 2008
Elmira College, New York

Sponsored and organized by
National Biological Information Infrastructure
The National Science Foundation
The Polistes Foundation

Coccinella septempunctata

Coccinella septempunctata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Seven Spotted Lady Beetle
Updated: 21 July, 2008


Our goal is to facilitate interactions among researchers, educators, and other participants interested studying nature. We will focus on testing scientific hypotheses through community based research and educational efforts. The workshop is in the formative stages. We will cover the following:


        Elmira College

Tentative Schedule

Travel & hotel

Information for GISIN attendees


Under revision, pending invitations and responses.
This meeting is limited by space to 60 participants.
We are in the process of sending out invitations.
If you plan to attend, please email Liz Nixon ( so that she can add you to our participants table.

Name Institution E-mail Phone StatusGroup
Eli Agbayani FishBase, Philippines 63-2 8450563 will attendGISIN
Peter Alden Peter Alden Wildlife will attendgeneral
John Ascher American Museum of Natural History 212-496-3447 will attend + Chaoyangeneral
Christine BezotteElmira Collegecbezotte@elmira.eduwill attendgeneral
Michael Browne Global Invasive Species Database, New Zealand +64 9 3737599 (x86814) will attendGISIN
Don ChandlerUniversity of New Hampshire,
dsc1@cisunix.unh.educannot attendgeneral
Shawn Dalton USGS, NAS, USA 352-264-3535 will attendGISIN
Renato De GiovanniCentro de Referência em Informação Ambiental (CRIA) attendGISIN
Mark DePoy Buffalo Nat'l River 870-741-5446 x270 will attendgeneral
Chris DionigiChris_Dionigi@ios.doi.govinvitedGISIN
Jeff DrakeNew Mexico State UniversityJeff.Drake@aphis.usda.govwill attendgeneral
Miles Falckmiles@glifwc.orgwill attendgeneral
Christine FournierI3N coordinatorc.fournier@usgs.govwill attendgeneral
Samy GaijiGlobal Biodiversity Information Databasesgaiji@gbif.orgwill attend - Sat & SunGISIN
Jim Graham NIISS, Colorado State, USA 970-491-0410 will attendGISIN
Kimberly Kellett Elmira College will attendgeneral
Dan Kjar Elmira College 607-735-1826 will attendgeneral
John Losey Cornell University 607-255-7376 will attendladybugs
Kirsten MahoodCentre of Excellence for Invasion attend - Fri & Sat w/ Sheila Knightgeneral
Steve MarshallUniversity of Guelph,
Les Mehrhoff Univeristy of Connecticut 860-486-5708 will attendgeneral
Albert MeierWestern Kentucky Universityalbert.meier@wku.edu270-791-9442will attendgeneral
Alejandro Moreno INBIAR, Argentina 54-291-4535205 will attendgeneral
Olivier de Munck Convention on Biological Diversity, Invasive Alien Species, Canada 514-287-7012 will attendGISIN
Elizabeth Nixon University of Georgia 706-542-6676 will attendgeneral
Maya Patel Cornell Univeristy mrp14@cornell will attendgeneral
John Pickering University of Georgia 706-542-1115 will attendeverything
Gary RosenbergAcademy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphiarosenberg@ansp.orginvitedgeneral
Michael SchwartzNational Collection,
Ottawa, Canda
Elizabeth Sellers NBII, USA 703-648-4385 will attendGISIN
Annie Simpson USGS-NBII 703-648-4281 will attendGISIN
Rebecca Rice SmythCornell Universityrrs7@cornell.eduwill attendladybugs
Brian Steves NISbase, Smithsonian Institution, USA 707-875-1970 will attendGISIN
Sue Sturges will attendgeneral
Philip Thomas Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) and Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk (PIER), USA +1 808 984 3722 will attendGISIN
Shannon TrimboliWestern Kentucky Universityshannon.trimboli@wku.eduwill attendgeneral
David VoegtlinIllinois Natural History Surveydvoegtli@uiuc.eduwill attendgeneral
Dick WaltonDick Walton Productions cannot attend--will send video presentationgeneral

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